/ Newcastle, NSW
I worked out that I actually fit into my bikinis comfortably again. I'm no Sport Illustrated Cover, BUT, I'm looking pretty good! #FeelingProud #DontHaveToCoverUp
I'm a busy mum of 3 kids, working part time at nights. I am verging on menopause, and have been finding it hard to lose weight. I recently had a checkup and my blood pressure was high, as well as elevated cholesterol. My goal is of course to lose weight and get fit, so I have more energy to give to my beautiful family. After years of suffering with depression, my other goal is to help improve my moods and decrease anxiety. Before starting on my #iWill journey, I was a yo yo dieter, always faltering because I wasn't organised enough to plan meals. I had tried meal replacement shakes before, but they tasted terrible. My energy levels were extremely low, and I was cranky and tired all the time. I knew what exercise to do, but I kept on making excuses to not do it! I use FatBlaster Shakes daily as a meal replacement for breakfast and/or lunch, and accompany these with the FatBlaster Max tablets 3 times daily. Being extremely busy, I find these to be such a perfect fit for me, as I don't have to think about organising anything, and they taste delicious as well as being low in calories!


5 meals a day including 2 FatBlaster shakes . Low fat, clean eating is best.
FatBlaster Raspberry Ripple Shake with frozen mixed berries and blend to make a smoothie + FatBlaster Max tabs 3 times a day, and add Hunger Booster to my lunchtime shake. The best product of all is the Coconut Detox which tastes amazing and it really works!
Cardio in the morning and a light weights session later in the day. Try to exercise at least 5 times a week. I also try to keep my Fitbit steps above 10,000 each day.
*Results may vary per person.