/ Sydney, NSW
I thought it would be too early for me to notice a difference, but just this morning I had to do my belt buckle up another notch. Whoohoo!
After having a baby, I had less time to look after myself and the kilos crept up on me. After a few discouraging comments from other people about my weight that affected my self-esteem, I decided it was time to do something about it. I had previously loved going bike riding, but hadn’t been back on my bike in a long time because I lacked the energy and I was embarrassed to be seen in figure-hugging lycra! So I was determined to get back into the habit, and do something good for myself. The Fatblaster #iWill Challenge helped provide motivation and encouragement to eat well and get moving. I’ve been following the 5:2 diet, and the Fatblaster Coconut Detox drink has meant I don’t dread the fasting days any more (and I’m not so crabby at the end of them either!). I’ve been challenged to expand the range of fresh foods I include in my diet, and that’s been fabulous. I’ve even had the confidence to get back in lycra and back on my bike, which is an amazing feeling, too. After losing 10kg, I’m excited to fit back into some of my clothes that I haven’t worn in a long time, and thrilled when people comment that I look good. Now that I’m back in a good routine with eating well and exercising I want to continue, and FatBlaster has equipped me with the tools to do so.


Examine your diet – sometimes there are easy ways to start cutting calories. I was aware that a lot of my extra calories came from ‘convenience’ snacks, so I started planning ahead for healthier options like vegetable sticks instead of chips. Use a wide variety of fresh foods – mixing it up keeps things interesting. Serve yourself a smaller portion at meal times and eat slowly – you can always go back for seconds if you feel like you want more once you’re done, but you might surprise yourself and find you’re satisfied after all. Plan your meals ahead of time and be prepared – I found that it’s when I’m not organised with my menu plan and groceries that I went for the pile of take-away menus with far less healthy options!
Look for a product that motivates you. If you’re eating less, then you want what you do eat to taste good! The FatBlaster coconut detox drink tastes delicious, and was really helpful for my fasting days on the 5:2 diet. Also, the meal replacement shakes tasted great and were so convenient … and convenience counts for a lot when you’re always busy! I was also very encouraged by the FatBlaster team and thankful for their support and feedback to keep going. The iWill community also helped provide inspiration and encouragement – something I wouldn’t have had if I’d tried going it alone.
You don’t need to sign up to a gym – you can include exercise as part of your daily routine. I found things like walking a few bus stops before getting on the bus, or walking to the shops instead of driving helped me include exercise in my busy days. On holidays, build exercise into your itinerary, like looking for some sight-seeing walks to do in the area, or using the opportunity to try a new sport such as paddle-boarding. But most of all, just START.
*Results may vary per person.