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Welcome to Keto-Fit!

You’re here because you want to make a change, and you couldn’t be in better hands. I’m thrilled to join the Keto-Fit family as an ambassador and can’t wait to share recipes and tips that will inspire you to fall in love with food on the Keto Diet and help you achieve your goals.

I’m a nutritionist, chef, author and mother. I’ve worked in the field of nutrition for around 15 years and loved every moment of it. I get a buzz inspiring others to feel great about what they eat and helping them feel their best.

I have always indirectly eaten a keto diet. My mum was an amazing cook, and the mainstay of our diet was beautiful lean protein, seasonal vegetables and nuts and seeds. I want to make the keto-diet easier to adapt into your lifestyle, and fuel your appetite for creative cooking while sticking to your diet parameters.

Keto-Fit products really appeal to me because they act as a helping hand – to save you time and make keto life fun.

If you’re thinking about whether or not to try keto, my advice is this: give it a week and you will really start to feel a difference in your energy, digestion and appetite. Don’t just look at the end goal, take small steps and be kind to yourself.

As an ambassador for Keto-Fit, I’m delighted to have the opportunity to share the joys of healthy eating with you and keep you motivated to reach your goal.

Love food, love life!


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