Daily exercises
Workout to support your weight loss: select workouts for your fitness level. This new update syncs with your phone to allow you to track your steps and stay on top of your activity. All exercises are a developed to enable you to try them out at home.
You’ll have no excuses!
Weekly Meal Plans
The App is designed with three easy-to-follow programs so you can customise your weight loss goals to your personal needs. Follow a nutritionally balanced meal plan developed by a professional nutritionist– breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes, ready for you to plan your day and week. You can replace 2 or 1 meals per day with a FatBlaster shakes for rapid or steady weight loss.
Personalised Goal Tracking
Simply enter your starting weight, your goal weight and you are ready to begin. Easily track your goals by recording your weight loss progress. The addition of the photo progression allows you to visualise your transformation. The calorie counter will help you record what you eat and track your performance daily.
Including guided workout videos by personal trainers