Life is super busy when you have young children and it can be hard to find time to hit the gym or even head out for a run! That's why it's great when you can find exercises that you can do with your children.

Play Chase

One of the newer trends in exercise is HIIT (high intensity interval training) where you sprint or work out at peak capacity for short amounts of time, rather than spending an extended amount of time working out at moderate intensity. Playing chase with your kids, especially in an area with a slope can be a great way to do this. You can even try this activity in the pool as the weather heats up!

Weight training at home

Weight training where you use your child’s body weight can be a fun way to work out in the home. All it takes is a creative attitude to the weight training exercises you’d usually do at the gym. For example, you could swing them around to create some resistance training on your abs, try bench pressing them to work out your chest or some pushups with your kids on your back to create extra work. You can ask them to count how many exercises you do each day and use this number to challenge yourself to keep improving. You can even do this in front of the TV!

Playground workouts

A lot of the equipment at the playground can also be used for workouts, such as the monkey bars which can be used for chin-ups. You can also try options like squat walks - which you can be incorporated into being a monster in a game, where the kids need to run from you. By using the time at the playground to work out and play with your children rather than staying stationary you can make the time more enjoyable for you and your children.

Working out with your children is not just a way to save time, it also sets a great example to your kids on how to incorporate enjoyable exercise and healthy habits into your day naturally.