There are lots of small behavioural changes you can make to help you lose weight, including sticking to regular mealtimes and getting more exercise. Want to know our best tip for losing weight successfully? Drink plenty of water. By always having a glass close to hand, you can keep your body hydrated and fight off the temptation to snack.

Stave off snacking

Sometimes we can mistake thirst for hunger, which can lead to snacking on all sorts of unhealthy things just to give our stomachs something to gnaw on. Ask yourself if it really is hunger, then, rather than reaching for the bag of crisps or the cookies, drink a glass of water. You get the same feeling of something entering your stomach and being digested, without taking in a single calorie.

Feel fuller for longer

Having a glass of water before mealtimes means you’re less likely to over-eat, since your stomach already feels it has something inside it. By filling up some of your digestive system with water, you essentially ‘trick’ it into thinking you’ve already eaten and don’t need so much food. That means you get that satiated, full feeling for much longer.

Good for exercise

If you’re trying to lose weight, exercise is essential. Therefore, water is a very good idea. We can quickly become dehydrated through sweating. Water lost to sweating needs to be replaced if you are wanting to push yourself in your fitness regime. Next time you go for a run or hit the gym, make sure you have a flask of water at hand rather than an energy drink, high in calories.

A healthier alternative

Many of us have a sweet tooth and a weakness for fizzy or other sugary drinks. They seem so innocent and taste so good, but the calorie content is usually sky high! Replacing a fizzy drink habit with the water drinking habit can dramatically cut the amount of sugar and calories you’re taking in. Water is free from the tap, so think of the money you’ll save too.

Water is crucial for maintaining our vital organs and keeping us well-hydrated. The average man should aim for ten cups a day and the average woman for eight, each measuring around 250ml. If you are going to develop any new habits to help you lose weight safely and sustainably, then drinking plenty of water is in at number one.