Thanks to the readily available variety of apps, podcasts and articles, meditation is an activity that can easily be completed every day in order to promote a healthy lifestyle. Despite being an activity that is thousands of years old, the scientific research into meditation is relatively new. However, the findings of the research are very clear: regular meditation has many health benefits.

Reducing stress

Stress is the invisible emotion that affects the mind and body of everyone at some stage. Stress is a natural response to a situation that our mind perceives to be dangerous and therefore can be beneficial to our survival. But when we experience prolonged periods of stress, it has a negative effect on our physical and mental well-being. Mediation helps to reduce the effects of stress on our body and mind, by producing a state of relaxation, the opposite emotion to a stressed state.

Improved concentration and attention span

Regular meditation helps to improve our focus and concentration, as well as lengthening our attention span. When we are able to focus, we are able to identify and act on the goals that we want to achieve, for a longer period of time. For example, if you want to improve your fitness by starting a gym program, regular meditation will benefit your exercise program by enabling you to identify your goal, focus on your goal and stay engaged with your goal for longer.


During meditation you can engage in self-inquiry in order to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your relationship with others, and your goals. This understanding promotes self-awareness, encouraging you to recognise thoughts and behaviours that are both helpful and harmful.

Improved sleep

No matter how self-aware we are, or how hard we work on our concentration and attention span, if we are not getting enough sleep, we won’t be able to live a healthy lifestyle. Meditation helps improve our sleep in two ways. Firstly, meditation helps to slow down our mind and control our thoughts and imagination. Secondly, meditation can be used to relax our body. Once our minds and our bodies reach a relaxed state, we are more likely to obtain and maintain a deep sleep.

Meditation is a simple and effective way of creating and enhancing a healthy lifestyle. Reducing stress, improving concentration, recognising negative thoughts and getting enough sleep are key components to help you to live a healthy lifestyle and become your best self.