What a daily food plan would look like for me was a FatBlaster Shake for breakfast and dinner and then a healthy lunch. My go-to lunches are a salad with pine nuts, or a delicious stir fry filled with leafy greens and a healthy protein. Eating my main meal at lunch time meant I had digested my food completely by the time I went to bed. For snacks I typically made my own. I would store these in the front of my fridge, so if I went searching for a snack - they were the first things I would see.

I also bought the FatBlaster Ultimate Shake in Vanilla as I was able to change the flavour of the shakes (trust me this really helps - having the same meal every day can get very boring!). I would mix my shakes typically with things like coffee, berries and mango just to mix it up - plus it tastes delicious!

The toughest challenge I had to tackle was persevering and finding the determination to stick to the diet. I learnt to listen to my body. I bought food high in protein as this kept me fuller for longer. I also changed how I approached my shopping experience. Instead of purchasing foods typically cooked in an air fryer, I bought fresh foods high in nutrition.

I made sure I exercised every day. I would do a 5k walk at an incline. The incline really helped get my legs working and my heart rate up. I found anything that got me perspiring was effective for me to lose weight.  Exercising in the morning also set me up for the day - it helped me start each day off right and put me in a good headspace.

Another challenging element of dieting is trying to maintain a social life… I am not a big drinker - so moderating my alcohol intake wasn’t a big change for me- it’s all about balance. However, when I ate out - I was conscious of what I should choose off the menu. My biggest tip - buy an entrée as a main meal. I was able to eat out with friends without overly stressing about what I was eating - and this let me portion control as well.


  • Try have snacks that are nutritionally beneficial and high in protein, my go-to are: fruit, nuts, and boiled eggs. I also made my own protein balls. If you would like some healthy snack recipes sign up to the free 6-week FatBlaster program here.
  • Buy yourself a smart scale. This really kept me accountable. I had a record of all my weigh ins and saw how I progressed after each week.
  • Set yourself an eating cut off. Mine is 7:30pm. After this time, I try not to eat anything else. This helps reduce my snacking.
  • If you want a bite of chocolate cake have it - it’s better than having the whole slice.
  • If you are feeling bloated, try adding in a small scoop of LSA mix into your weight loss shake. It’s full of fibre and gets the digestive system going!
  • Discipline is doing what you know needs to be done, even though you don’t want to do it