Find a thicker style of sausage for this recipe; they’ll work much better. And be sure to check the ingredient list to make sure they’re mostly meat, and not packed with fillers that tend to be very carb-heavy.


Makes one serve

Energy: 793kcal. (3320kJ)

Fat: 75% (65g)

Protein: 15% (27g)

Carbohydrate: 10% (14g net carbs)


Prep Time: 10 mins.

Cook Time: 10 mins.




50g red cabbage, finely shredded

75g carrot, peeled and grated

1 spring onion, finely sliced

10mL lemon juice

10mL balsamic vinegar

15mL Keto-Fit MCT Oil

2 thick pork sausages

1 spray extra virgin olive oil



  • In a large mixing bowl, pour the lemon juice over the cabbage and use your hands to lightly massage. This will soften the cabbage slightly. Set aside.
  • Spray a frying pan with a little olive oil, then heat on medium-high heat. Once nice and hot, add the sausages and cook through, turning regularly. Depending on their thickness, this will take anywhere between 8-12 minutes. To check, pierce one sausage in its centre and check the meat is cooked through. Transfer to your serving plate.
  • Next, add the carrot (approx. 1 small carrot) and spring onion to the cabbage, then top with balsamic (approx. 2 tsp) and MCT oil (approx. 3 tsp). Toss to combine, then transfer to the serving plate alongside the sausages.