Sometimes, it can be easier to find the motivation to exercise rather than the time to actually do it. Regardless of your profession or responsibilities at home, even 15 minutes for a simple workout is a luxury not many can afford.

We have identified pockets of time in your daily routine you can use to work out. Whether you choose to do just one or a combination of these, you'll soon be on your way to getting fitter. As your fitness improves, you can work towards dialing up the intensity.

1. Walk around the neighbourhood

Whether you're doing the school run or heading to the shops, walking around your neighbourhood instead of driving is a great way to exercise daily. You'll get to know the area and the people better as well. From a friendly greeting at the school gates to a quick chat with the local coffee shop owner, it's not unusual to be able to clock a few kilometres each week without even realising it. It'll feel more like a social occasion than a fitness routine too!


2. Walk the dog

If you have a dog, walk them yourself. Your body will be grateful for it, and so will they. And if you think walking the dog is easy, think again! There will be moments when you'll be forced to keep up with your pet as they excitedly chase after another dog. You’ll soon realise that your dog may actually be a good companion when it comes to motivating you to walk daily.

3. Walk the talk

Research has shown we spend 3 hours 15 minutes on our mobile phones daily (1). While it may not be all talk, a good percentage of that time is spent chatting to someone on the other end. Instead of getting comfortable on your office chair or sofa at home while you talk, why not walk as you chat on your mobile phone? You might be surprised by how much ground you cover.


4. Climb the stairs

Elevators and escalators are modern-day conveniences, but try to only use them if it's absolutely necessary. Unless you're unwell or have an injury, take the stairs! You don't have to do it daily, but a few days a week climbing the stairs to your office or apartment is a great way to increase your heart rate and get in a few extra steps.


5. Park in the next building or further up the road

Walking or cycling the last mile to your office can make a huge difference to your day. It might seem like a lot of effort, but a brisk walk will get your blood pumping and is a great way to de-stress and take some time for yourself.

There are many more ways to exercise, ultimately, it's about examining your daily routine and seeing where you can fit in a workout opportunity. Connect with us today on our FatBlaster Facebook Community share your tips and tricks to get active: