Walking is one of the greatest forms of exercise we have at our disposal. Walking costs nothing to do, it can be done at virtually any fitness level, and it can be done at most times of the day. However, achieving those recommended 10,000 steps per day walking the same path can become boring and demotivating. If this is happening to you, why not try one of the five tips below to beat boredom while you walk.

1. Walk a different path

Always walking the same path can be part of a regular and comfortable routine, but it can become quite boring. To make your daily walk more interesting, try walking in a different direction, turn down a different street. Sometimes we forget what makes the town we live in, unique and special. A visit to your local tourist information or visitors centre will remind you of the important and interesting locations in your local area. Choose one a week and make it the centre of your walk to make your walk more interesting.

2. Try a different time of day

If you always walk in the morning and love to catch the sunrise, then why not try walking in the afternoon and see the sunset or vice-versa. If you usually take your walk at lunch time, why not try walking in the morning or evening instead? A different time of day will give you a different perspective on familiar scenery and help to stave off boredom.

3. Tune into something new

Use your phone as a chance to tune into something new. Try a new playlist on your favourite music service. If there is a book you have always wanted to read but haven’t had the time to, then download the audiobook and listen while you walk. You could even try listening to a new podcast or learning service while you walk.

4. Walk with your friends

Walking with your friends is not only motivating, but it is a great way to stay in touch and catch up with each other’s lives. If you cannot physically meet with your friends on your daily walk, then plug in your earphones and talk to them on the phone while you walk.

5. Change up the pace

You can use your daily walk to increase your health and fitness. Try alternating the pace of walk by walking one minute at your normal pace and then one minute at a fast pace. The following week try walking one minute at your normal pace and then two minutes at a fast pace. Not only will you be improving your health, but the new focus will help to alleviate any boredom you may have been experiencing.

Walking is part of a healthy lifestyle, and by using one or more of the tips above, you can beat the boredom and continue to enjoy the benefits of your daily walk.