Would a fatty food tax encourage a healthy diet?

Health experts are constantly trying to find ways to get us to follow a healthy diet, by making us aware of the risks of foods high in fat and encouraging us to exercise more.

Many people often eat more fat than they should, which can have a significant impact on their weight loss program.

However, products like FatMagnet have been formulated to absorb some of the fat we eat, therefore reducing the amount our bodies absorb.

There could also be another way to lower how many fatty foods we eat, suggests Mike Rayner, health promotion research group director at the University of Oxford.

Speaking to the BBC, he believes that a tax should be imposed on unhealthy foods and drinks, which in turn will make us less likely to buy them.

"There's evidence to show that manipulating food prices can encourage healthy eating. So why are we so reluctant to change the way we tax food?" Mr Rayner questioned.

He suggested that countries should follow an example set by the Dutch, where tax is added to foods high in saturated fats.



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